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Matouk India Pique Scalloped Shower Curtain Add A Monogram

Matouk India Pique Scalloped Shower Curtain add a Monogram  Home & Garden > Bathroom Accessories > Shower Curtains
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Price: $297.00
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Matouk India Pique Scalloped Shower Curtain Add A Monogram

This playful take on line and color sees our popular India double-scallop embroidery on our timeless diamond pique. Crafted in an easy to care for cotton blend, this shower curtain style features two-tone edges in a range of delicious hues. You can choose to add a monogram(12 Inch Monogram) to your India Pique shower curtain. Notice that the scallops have two colors. The outside scallop is lighter that the inside scallop. We suggest to match the monogram to the darker colored scallop. If you would like another colors please let us know in the comment section. If you do not want a monogram added to the shower curtain- skip the add a monogram choice and font choice and just add to cart.


70% cotton / 30% polyester.

Our Shower Curtain has button holes.

Made in the USA of fabric from Portugal.

All of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, meaning they are safe for you and for the planet.

Price: $297.00 In stock! - Browse this brand: Monogrammed LinenOur products are custom made to your specifications. This product ships up to 8 weeks after your order is placed. 0



Choose your color India Pique Shower Curtain.

Edges are double scalloped on Diamond Pique.

If a monogram is chosen we will match to the darker colors in the scallop.







Hazy Blue





Please check this options to add a 12" monogram to your shower curtain.


115618 Matouk Monogrammed India Pique Shower Curtain

Add A 12" Monogram


Please select the font choice for your item. You can choose either an embroidery satin stitched monogram or an appliqued monogram.  The embroidered monogram will be embroidered with the thread color and the appliqued monogram is done with the fabric tape and a satin embroidery outline. The applique has a price upgrade but it is beautiful when finished. I am in the process of adding more appliqued pictures of the finished product as they are completed. Appliques are truly an art and are my favorite choice.

2070 Embroidery

2071 Embroidery

2072 Embroidery

2073 Embroidery

2074 Embroidery

2074 Embroidery

2075 Embroidery

2076 Embroidery

2077 Embroidedry

2002 Applique
add $30

2002 Embroidery

2006 Applique
add $30

2006 Embroidery

2010 Applique
add $30

2010 Embroidery

2011 Applique
add $30

2011 Embroidery

2022 Applique
add $30

2022 Embroidery

2023 Applique
add $30

2023 Embroidery

2026 Applique
add $30

2026 Embroidery

2029 Applique
add $30

2029 Embroidery

2049 Embroidery

2061 Applique
add $30

2061 Embroidery

2062 Applique
add $30

2062 Embroidery

2063 Applique
add $30

2063 Embroidery

2064 Applique
add $30

2064 Embroidery

2065 Applique
add $30

2065 Embroidery

2066 Applique
add $30

2066 Embroidery

2067 Embroidery

2070 Applique Only
add $30

2071 Applique Only
add $30

2072 Applique Only
add $30

2073 Applique Only
add $30

2074 Applique Only
add $30

2075 Applique
add $30

2075 Embroidery

2076 Applique Only
add $30

2077 Applique Only
add $30

2078 Applique
add $30

2078 Embroidery

H262 Applique
add $30

H262 Embroidery

V1000 Applique
add $30

V1000 Embroidery

Enter Your Monogram
Custom monograms run the gamut of styles and custom images. On the web we provide a collection of basic styles. We can however add other fonts and even custom shapes and logos to suit your needs.

1 Letter Monograms
Enter your 1 letter monogram

3 Letter Monograms
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Enter your 3 letter monogram below
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  • In a traditional woman's three letter monogram the first letter of the last name will be in the center of the monogram and will be larger than the other two letters. The first initial will be on the left and the middle initial will be on the right.
  • In a couple's monogram the the first letter of the shared last name will be in the center of the monogram and will be larger than the other two letters. Traditionally the man's first initial will be on the left and the woman's first initial will be on the right.
  • In men's monograms each letter appears the same size & in the order first, middle, last.

3 letter Monograms follow this pattern: Monica (First) Roberts (Middle) Smith (Family)

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon and Monica Smith J S M
TEXT and WORDS   If you wish to use text such as a name, phrase and or initials please add it in the text box below. We will use the text as written so include your choice of capital letters, lowercase letters and symbols. TEXT and WORDS
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