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Leather Sportsmans Sunglass Straps

Leather Sportsmans Sunglass Straps Leather Sunglass Strap Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Sunglasses
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  • Leather Sportsmans Sunglass Straps
  • Leather Sportsmans Sunglass Straps
  • Leather Sportsmans Sunglass Straps
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Price: $27.00
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Leather Sportsmans Sunglass Straps


The leather for these sunglass straps was chosen for richness in color, supple feel and durability to last a lifetime. This is the result of months of research and design. If you want to stray from the path of followers and be a true "Pioneer" out on your own, then slide on a pair of these leather sunglass straps and go where no other man has gone before. Straps are cut and sewn from 100% American Leather and are designed to fit most any pair of sunglasses. Even the widest of earpieces are usually overcome by a simple dab of dish soap! Complete with the motto that we live by, each pair is proudly heat stamped with "Preserving The Sporting Lifestyle." This fine, signature earpiece accessory will be sure to set you apart from the rest of the crowd and the durability of our Pioneer straps is unparalleled to that of standard neoprene. Be bold and become an American Pioneer today! We promise you won't be disappointed!

  • 100% American leather 
  • Increased durability over neoprene
  • Designed to fit nearly all sunglasses
  • Stamped with Over Under motto, "Preserving The Sporting Lifestyle"

Price: $27.00 In stock! - Browse this brand: Over UnderOur products are custom made to your specifications. This product ships up to 3 weeks after your order is placed.


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