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Monogrammed Commuter Otterbox Cases Outdoors Patterns Iphone 7, 6, 4s, 5, 5s

Monogrammed Commuter Otterbox Cases Outdoors Patterns  Iphone 7,  6, 4s, 5, 5s  Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phone Accessories > Mobile Phone Cases
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Price: $75.00
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Monogrammed Commuter Otterbox Cases Outdoors Patterns Iphone 7, 6, 4s, 5, 5s


Monogrammed Commuter Otterbox Cases Outdoors Patterns  Iphone 7,  6, 4s, 5, 5s

The Otterbox is known for protecting your most utilized tech product - your phone. Now for the iPhone 6, and iphone 4, 4s and iPhone 5, 5s. Also we have designs for Him. You can even create matching tech items like laptop and tablet cases etc!!!


The Commuter Series from Otterbox comes with a silicone protective shell, covered by a hard plastic outer case.  A clear plastic screen cover is also included.




Steps after choice of case type:

Choose a Pattern 

Frame style can be "open "(white background) or "solid " (colored background ) 

Frame color:  if solid choose background color or if white background choose color of outline/border ( default is same has monogram color)

Step 3 is styles for 3 letter monogram OR skip and go to Step 4 

Step 4 is styles for a name 

Ink Color of the monogram or name

Personalization: Monogram  or  a Name go the text box section


Create a gift package for your guy and pick out a design for a matching phone case and stainless steel tumbler!  

Please look at the additional pictures to view pattern combinations and selection help. Hover over the picture to enlarge.

Price: $75.00
Customer ratings: 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 ratings.
(customer ratings are limited to customers who have purchased this product)

In stock! - Browse this brand: Incredibly Charming Paper and GiftsOur products are custom made to your specifications. This product ships up to 3 weeks after your order is placed.



Please choose your Iphone type.

Otterbox Commuter cases are black rubber trim only.

add $12

add $12


Choose your pattern.






Shady Oak

Tree Bark



Step 2-Select your frame choice that will house your name or monogram.

"Open" means a white background and your next step will be a border color ( usually border will match monogram color).

"Solid" means a colored background and your next step will be a color choice for frame 


1 Solid Rectangle

10 Open Circle

11 Solid Diamond

12 Open Diamond

13 Solid Clover

14 Open Clover

15 Solid Vine

16 Open Vine

17 Solid Scallop

18 Open Scroll

2 Open Rectangle

3 Solid Bookplate

4 Open Bookplate

5 Solid Square

6 Open Square

7 Solid Oval

8 Open Oval

9 Solid Circle


Choose your color for your ink for all of the personalized gifts and stationery products. Select your frame or font color


Step three is choosing a monogram font for your product. If you would rather use a writing font for text or a name just skip this step.Monograms are done as picutured.

The frames around the monogram are choosen in step two. This is just example of how it can look.  For example in monogram fonts, Noire and Engravers Roman, they're shown without a frame though you can add one in step 2 but here you are only paying attention the fonts.



Fun Stack

Circle Monogram

Classic Roman Monogram

Darling Monogram

Diamond Monogram

Engravers Gothic Monogram

Engravers Roman Monogram

Engravers Three Letter Monogram

Harold Monogram

Kk Monogram

Noire Monogram

Vine Monogram


Step Four is choosing a writing font if you would like text or a name on your product.( Skip this step if you chose a Monogram in Step 3) If you are choosing these fonts you would not have choosen a monogram font in step 3.

The font will be entered exactly as you submit the order. Please watch your capital letters and lowercase letters. You will be able to choose a color ink for your font in the next option and many will just choose white if they choose a solid color frame.

American Purpose

Cereal Font

Fish Fingers


Belluccia Writing Font

Bernhard Modern Writing Font


Burgues Script

Carrotflower Writing Font

Century Gothic Writing Font

Chevalier Writing Font

Classic Roman Writing Font

Engravers Gothic Writing Font

Feel Script Writing Font

Festiva Writing Font

Filosophia Writing Font

Fling Writing Font

Gills Sans Writing Font

Happy Cloud

Hen Party Writing Font

La Carte Writing Font

Lavanderia Writing Font

Mister Sirlon Writing Font

Mrs Eaves Petite Caps Writing Font

Nuetraface Text Book Writing Font

Peonie Pro

Rosewood Fill Writing Font


Seasoned Hostess Writing Font

Silverstein Writing Font

Verner Writing Font

Zalderdash Writing Font


Choose your color for your ink for all of the personalized gifts and stationery products. Select your frame or font color

Enter Your Monogram
Custom monograms run the gamut of styles and custom images. On the web we provide a collection of basic styles. We can however add other fonts and even custom shapes and logos to suit your needs.

1 Letter Monograms
Enter your 1 letter monogram

3 Letter Monograms
note: for company initials, words or short names, use "Text and Words" section down below
Enter your 3 letter monogram below
(Last name larger)

First name

Last name

Middle name
(Last name larger)

Man's first name

Last name

Woman's first name
Man or masculine style
(All letters same size)

First name

Middle name

Last name
  • In a traditional woman's three letter monogram the first letter of the last name will be in the center of the monogram and will be larger than the other two letters. The first initial will be on the left and the middle initial will be on the right.
  • In a couple's monogram the the first letter of the shared last name will be in the center of the monogram and will be larger than the other two letters. Traditionally the man's first initial will be on the left and the woman's first initial will be on the right.
  • In men's monograms each letter appears the same size & in the order first, middle, last.

3 letter Monograms follow this pattern: Monica (First) Roberts (Middle) Smith (Family)

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon and Monica Smith J S M
TEXT and WORDS   If you wish to use text such as a name, phrase and or initials please add it in the text box below. We will use the text as written so include your choice of capital letters, lowercase letters and symbols. TEXT and WORDS
(IBM, CNN, Tom, Bride, Nana, Cook)
Add Notes & Instructions

Enter any notes or instructions for this order:

( find a monogrammed gift )
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