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Charity And Philanthropy Shoes To The Children In Haiti

Charity and Philanthropy Shoes to the Children in Haiti Gallery_364 Charity and Philanthropy Shoes to the Children in Haiti Gallery_364   hover to enlarge

   This year The Pink Monogram donated our Clogs that were either out of print pattern or either were over runs. We have now adopted these Parish and areas in Haiti. The containers are shipped over several times a year and we are please to be able to participate in these programs. We send products to the children and women in the area. Backpack , to shoes, to clothing are needed by the entire communities. My friends who have visited through our Church Groups tell us the children love to see them coming with the Clogs. We also send lots of baseball equipment for the children. This year we also sent backpacks and totes for the children to use in their schools.  Read below on how the church is active  in Haiti.


For three decades, Christ Church, Greenville has worked to improve the lives of many in Haiti's Central Plateau.  Focused primarily on supporting the broad ministry of Fr. Fritz Lafontant through the Eglise Bon Saveur, Zanmi Lasante (Partners in Health), and Zanmi Agrikol (Partners in Agriculture), Christ Church and its members have been partners in ministries that have transformed the lives of tens of thousands in Haiti and touched the lives of many in Greenville.  While initially focused on medical missions, the parish’s work has broadened over three decades of engagement.   In collaboration with other individuals and parishes of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina, Christ Church members designed and installed the first water system in the then tiny village of Cange. This enabled the vast education, social, and medical complex to develop there through the leadership of Dr. Paul Farmer and Partners in Health.   Members continue to service the water system while numerous other missions and ministries have been developed.  These partnerships continue to change lives.


While our work has focused on Cange, Christ Church has also been engaged with Fr. Valdema in Croix de Bouquets and in other sites such as the Zanmi Agrikol farm in Corporant.

Projects Serving Cange and the Eglise Bon Saveur

Christ Church members installed the first and current water system serving Cange three decades ago.  Harnessing the power of the water itself the engineering and installation was an inspired contribution to the development of Cange as a socio-medical resource for all of Haiti.  Christ Church members continue to provide technical support for its maintenance and installed the first filtration system for drinking water in February 2006.

From the start of the mission, Christ Church has supported the schools in Cange with funds and supplies.  In 2011 we hope to expand this ministry by partnering with other Greenville organizations interested in literacy.  

Artisans Center
Led by Mrs. Jackie Williams, a Christ Church member and resident of Cange, the Artisans Center employs local people to make a range of products including rugs, pottery, textiles, and other art.  These products are sold in Cange as well as in several parishes in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina with proceeds supporting the Artisans Center.

Projects Serving Zanmi Lasante (Partners in Health)

As Zanmi Lasante/Partners in Health has developed into one of the largest medical providers in Haiti, Christ Church continues to partner in several specialities.

Eye Clinic
Contributions help fund a full-time ophthalmologist serving over 300 patients per week in addition to performing 10 to 20 surgeries. Our support and assistance helps thousands of Haitians literally to see more clearly the works of God.

Mission Trips

The parish typically undertakes a number of mission trips to Haiti each year for individuals to gain learn and work in the several projects. Please contactr if you are interested in a work or a discovery mission trip to Haiti.

Projects Serving Zanmi Agrikol (Partners in Agriculture)
What started as a small demonstration garden in Cange has become a significant resource for the people of the Central Plateau.  Zanmi Agrikol/Partners in Agriculture is the agricultural arm of Zanmi Lasante and a signal ministry of Christ Church created by members Gillaine and Charles Warne. Its purpose is to eliminate the crisis of malnutrition in the Central Plateau. Food is being grown to be distributed to hospitals and clinics of Partners in Health, malnutrition centers, and schools. It is also sold in the local markets. The garden in Cange and the 35 acre farm in Corporant have become demonstration centers. The two major products are NOURIMIL and NOURIMANBA. Corn, beans, and peanuts are harvested, processed and distributed to PIH. Farmers are being taught to restore their lands with seeds and tools.

Vocational School
In partnership with the Diocesan Bread & Water Campaign, the farm at Corporant is being developed not only as a production and storage facility but also as a vocational school to teach the critical skills of agronomy and other trades.

Adopt a Child
Each year Christ Church members 'adopt' a severely malnourished child by donating the cost of their treatment with Nourimanba and Nourimil.  In addition to financial support, we are asked to remember the child and his or her family in our prayers.

Partners in Agriculture/ Family Assistance Program
Partners in Agriculture/Family Assistance Program. This project combats the crisis of malnutrition in the Central Plateau by producing and distributing food to the people of this area. It educates, encourages, and assists these people to grow their own food, helping them to become self-sufficient. Each family involved is interviewed and its needs are assessed. Expert counsel is given in nutrition and agriculture. Families are provided seeds, trees and tools. Some families even receive a goat! This is a ministry that gives families opportunities to return to each new participating family, new seeds, baby goats and their own experiences and successes in harvesting and animal husbandry.

Contact: Charles and Gillaine Warne at 864.232.8274

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