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Matouk Newport Bath Collection

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  • Matouk Monogrammed Newprot Bathmat
  • Matouk Newport Monogrammed Shower Curtain
  • Matouk Newport Monogrammed Tub Mat
  • Matouk Monogrammed Newport Bath Towel
  • Matouk Newport Bath Collection
  • Matouk Newport Bath Collection

A triple appliqué-tape border on long-staple Cairo cotton terry gives Newport its classic elegance and incomparable quality. Choose from eight beautiful tape colors to breathe new life into your bath. We have suggested the exact color thread matches to the tape trims offered. Need a specific trim color? Give us a call and we will be happy to do a custom order. All custom cotton tape trim will have a 35% upcharge. 864-271-3587

Make sure you select Bath below to see the collection.


100% Cairo long-staple cotton, 625 gsm.

All Newport towels feature a convenient loop for hanging your towel with ease.

Made in the USA of fabric from Portugal.

All of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, meaning they are safe for you and for the planet.

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Select Your Bedding Quantities:
Product Price Quantity
Matouk Newport Bath Sheet bath sheet 36" by 75" - no monogram - Your choice of three lines of tape. - 115657

Matouk Newport Bath Sheet Monogram Bath sheet 36" by 75" - 6.5 inch monogram above tape bands -   - 115659

Matouk Newport Bath Towel Matouk Newport Bath Towel No Monogram - 30" by 52" - 115663

Matouk Newport Guest Towel Matouk Newport Guest Towel - 14" by 21" - Your choice of tape trim - 115675

Matouk Newport Guest Towel With Monogram Matouk Newport Guest Towel with Monogram - 14" by 21" with a 2.5" monogram above the bands of tape - 115677

Matouk Newport Hand Towel Matouk Newport Hand Towel - 18' by 32' - your choice of tape trim - 115669

Matouk Newport Hand Towel With Monogram Matouk Newport Hand Towel with Monogram - 18" by 32" - 3.5" monogram above the tape bands - 115671

Matouk Newport Quilted Tub Mat Matouk Newport Quilted Tub Mat - 24" by 36" - 115693

Matouk Newport Quilted Tub Mat With Monogram Matouk Newport Quilted Tub Mat With Monogram - 24" by 36" - The monogram will be center 5.5" - 115695

Matouk Newport Shower Curtain Matouk Newport Shower Curtain - 72" by 72" - Your choice of trims - 115699

Matouk Newport Shower Curtain With Monogram Matouk Newport Shower Curtain with Monogram - 72" by 72" - Monogram will be 12" upper Center - your choice of trim - Match threads to trim color - 115701

Matouk Newport Tub Mat Matouk Newport Tub Mat 24" by 36" - Your choice of tape - 115687

Matouk Newport Tub Mat With Monogram Matouk Newport Tub Mat with Monogram - 24" by 36" - Monogram 5.5" in center of mat - 115689

Matouk Newport Wash Cloth Matouk Newport Wash Cloth - 13" by 13" - 115681

Matouk Newport Wash Cloth With Monogram Matouk Newport Wash Cloth with Monogram - 2.5" monogram above the band - 13" by 13" - 115683

Newport Bath Towel With Monogram Newport Bath Towel with Monogram - 30" by 62" - Monogram is 5.5" and will be above the bands of tape - 115665

Select your options:(Our software sorts out the details of which items get the monogram, which have trim, and adjusts the order as it goes into the shopping cart)

If you need to order different colors and sizes, just add one group at a time to your cart. You can call with questions 10-5 EST: 864-271-3587 .

Matouk Newport Towel Trims

Azure   Black   Cotton   Icicle   Pool   Red   Sea   Sterling  

Matouk Embroidery Fonts

2006   2070   2071   2073   2076   2077   2002   2010   2011   2022   2023   2026   2029   2049   2061   2062   2063   2064   2065   2066   2067   2075   2078   H262   V1000  

Matouk Newport Thread Colors

Azure   Black   Cotton   Icicle   Pool   Red   Sea   Sterling  
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  • In men's monograms each letter appears the same size & in the order first, middle, last.
3 letter Usage:

Monica (First) Roberts (Middle) Smith (Family)


Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon and Monica Smith


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All done?

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