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Monogrammed Clogs - Create Your Own Pair Of Monogrammed Clogs

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Price: $140.00
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Monogrammed Clogs - Create your own pair of Monogrammed Clogs Monogram Apparel & Accessories > Shoes > Clogs & Mules

Monogrammed Clogs - Create Your Own Pair Of Monogrammed Clogs


If you love CLOGS!! The Original Monogrammed Clogs  from The Pink Monogram will be your favorite Clogs to wear!!! Designed by you for you! 

The process is quite easy- You will first choose your size( pricing for adult and child are in the sizes)- next you will choose your heel color and materials- flex is the comfort heel and wooden is our classic ( the only one that can be painted)-Next you will choose what type of material  for your upper- leather, suede or our newest Soft Euro Wool.  If you have choosen a wooden heel you can add paint choices!  You will choose your thread and monogram choice.  Remember if you would like a custom logo just email me at quotes@thepinkmonogram.com and we will be happy to help you  with a custom design.  

Please notice that the clogs run in whole sizes. The flex heels run true to size and the wooden lower heels are larger and wider. If you have a narrow foot request a "snuggie" in the comment section. These are pads that stick up inside your shoes for those of you who think the clogs may run too loose!


ALLOW A FULL 3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY!!!!! But don't be surprised if I get them to you sooner! We try very hard to exceed my customers' expectations!

Have a look at the Clog Gallery / Hall-of-Fame for examples of color and monogram options: Clog Sample Gallery

Monogrammed Clogs are non- refundable.

Monogram or add a design for our Monogrammed Clogs.  You do not have to use the Monogram choices! We will work with you on a design or logo!  So many doctor ofices have used us for there addition nurses and doctors. We will fit your entire staff. 

Still not sure? Check out our Clog Guide

Price: $140.00
Customer ratings: 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 ratings.
(customer ratings are limited to customers who have purchased this product)

In stock!Our products are custom made to your specifications. This product ships up to 3 weeks after your order is placed.

Start building your order by selecting your options below:

Please note our High heels only are in the sizes 36-41. Since the clogs are backless they tend to fix a wider range of sizes. If you have a wider foot you might need to go up a size. The flex heels run medium width and the Wooden high heels runs very narrow.

Select the heels for your  shoes

Important! Read the notes:

   1. You Must Have Wooden Soles for the Painting Options
   2. Flex Soles are very comfortable, but cannot be painted
   3. Children's shoes sizes 26,27,28, are only available in wood soles, not flex

4. Please note that we do NOt have wooden sizes in 32,33,34 for children!

6. Please note that our Higher wooden heels are a more narrow cut that our flex heels.

Black Flex Comfort Heel

Black Wooden High Heel
add $10

Brown Flex Comfort Heel

High Heel Brown Wood
add $10

High Wooden Heel Natural Color
add $10

Choose the color of your felted wool clogs, leather clogs, suede clogs or our fun cow hide clogs. This will be the choice for your upper for you custom made clogs from The Pink Monogram.

Berry Nubuck

Black Patent Leather

Brown Perforated Suede

Honey Distressed Leather

Hunter Green Perforated Suede

Navy Blue Perforated Suede

Olive Green Distressed Leather

Platinum Metallic Leather

Red Patent Leather

Seafoam Green Leather

Sky Blue Suede

Wool Hunter Green

Bronze Metallic Leather

Brown Croc

Brown Nubuck

Camo Green

Cow Hide Leopard Fur

Cow Hide Zebra Fur

Leather Black

Leather Brown

Leather Bubble Gum Pink

Leather Denim Blue

Nubuck Lime Green

Suede Black

Suede Brown

Suede Hot Pink

Suede Rust

Wool Turquoise

Wool Anthracite

Wool Black

Wool Bordeaux

Wool Bubblegum

Wool Cherry

Wool Dark Chocolate

Wool Denim Blue

Wool Granite

Wool Lavender

Wool Lime

Wool Magenta

Wool Midnight Blue

Wool Orange

Wool Purple

Wool Royal Blue

Wool Sandstone

Wool Yellow

Select Your Paint Job: Wooden heels only!!!!!!!! Paint will not stick on the flex heels!
Paint will only go on the wooden heels.  Please feel free to describe any paint options or color combination you would like in the comment section. We will paint the zebra black and white unless you specify otherwise. Other than that we will match the paint color to the thread or which ever we feel best matches the shoes.Skip this option if you choose a flex heel or do not want a pattern painted heel.

add $20

Bulls Eye Dots
add $20

Single Color Dots
add $20

add $20

Select your font thread COLOR


Columbia Blue












Royal Blue







Hot Pink

Light Pink





Enter Your Monogram

Custom monograms run the gamut of styles and custom images. On the web we provide a collection of basic styles. We can however add other fonts and even custom shapes and logos to suit your needs.

1 Letter Monograms
Enter your 1 letter monogram

Select a font:
  • Wreath Single LetterWreath Single Letter
  • Single Side ScrollSingle Side Scroll
  • Single Bottom ScrollSingle Bottom Scroll
  • Sassy Single LetterSassy Single Letter
  • Retro DotRetro Dot
  • FiligreeFiligree
  • Tpm Buffy Single LetterTpm Buffy Single Letter

3 Letter Monograms
{note: for company initials, words or short names, Use "Text and Words" section down below}

Select a font:
  • Victor FontVictor Font
  • Uniblock FontUniblock Font
  • Twin ScriptTwin Script
  • Three Alpha FontThree Alpha Font
  • Tc ScriptTc Script
  • Sydney FontSydney Font
  • Block SerifBlock Serif
  • Royal 2 LetterRoyal 2 Letter
  • Pendant MonogramPendant Monogram
  • Paris FontParis Font
  • Old EnglishOld English
  • Interlocking FontInterlocking Font
  • FishtailFishtail
  • Empire FontEmpire Font
  • Diamond 4Diamond 4
  • Ea Circle With CircleEa Circle With Circle
  • Ea Diamond 5Ea Diamond 5
  • Tpm Diamond FontTpm Diamond Font
  • DecoDeco
  • Curly QCurly Q
  • CurlsCurls
  • CircleCircle
  • Tpm Casual ScriptTpm Casual Script
  • Tpm Branded FontTpm Branded Font
  • Tpm Block FontTpm Block Font
  • BlackboardBlackboard
  • Tpm Art DecoTpm Art Deco
Enter your 3 letter monogram below
(Last name larger)

First name

Last name

Middle name

(Last name larger)

Man's first name

Last name

Woman's first name
Man or masculine style
(All letters same size)

First name

Middle name

Last name
  • In a traditional woman's three letter monogram the first letter of the last name will be in the center of the monogram and will be larger than the other two letters. The first initial will be on the left and the middle initial will be on the right.
  • In a couple's monogram the the first letter of the shared last name will be in the center of the monogram and will be larger than the other two letters. Traditionally the man's first initial will be on the left and the woman's first initial will be on the right.
  • In men's monograms each letter appears the same size & in the order first, middle, last.

3 letter Monograms follow this pattern: Monica (First) Roberts (Middle) Smith (Family)

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon and Monica Smith J S M

If you wish to use text such as a name, phrase and or initials please add it in the text box below. We will use the text as written so include your choice of capital letters, lowercase letters and symbols.

(IBM, CNN, Tom, Bride, Nana, Cook)

Select a font:
  • Uniblock WritingUniblock Writing
  • Tpm Writing BlackboardTpm Writing Blackboard
  • Serif WritingSerif Writing
  • Recess WritingRecess Writing
  • Tpm Cursive Writing Names And TextTpm Cursive Writing Names And Text
  • Curls WritingCurls Writing
  • Casual Script WritingCasual Script Writing
  • Caroline WritingCaroline Writing
  • Block WritingBlock Writing
  • Sleigh RideSleigh Ride
Graphic Images

If you wish to use one of our existing graphics, please select it below

If you would like an image instead of a monogram, select it here:

Add notes and comments

Enter any notes or instructions for this order:

9 years online - 4500+ monogrammed and engraved gifts available - brick and mortar locations ( About Us )
Owner: Monica Smith - e-mail - 864-271-3587 - wholesale info  Login

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