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    Personalized Ella Vickers Sailcloth Toiletry Kit With Letter Size Same As Picture

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    Price: $72.00
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    Personalized Ella Vickers Sailcloth Toiletry Kit with Letter size same as picture  Luggage & Bags > Toiletry Bags

    Great way to organize for him or her! Fully lined and ready to hold all your cosmetics or toiletry items.  You'll be surprised how much will fit in this 10"w x 5"h x 5"d  bag!

    Now you have the option of choosing  what you want on the front of your item.  Choose either letters, a monogram, a number, or an icon (anchor or star) to make it your very own! Just indicate the letters in the order they should appear in our text section. Letters are always a Block Font. All icons, numbers, or letters will have the same sizing as seen in the main picture, plus you can have any personalization or icon tilted (whimsical, this I like best). The fabric for your personalization is also insignia sailing cloth with your choice in black, navy, red, green, yellow, or royal blue. 

    Ella Vickers items use only new sailcloth that is durable yet stylish, and all marine grade hardware (zippers,clips,and stitching) used on these items have a lifetime warranty.  All of these bags are eco friendly, urban chic, and ocean durable. All items are handcrafted in the USA.

    General Cleaning:

    Wash your EVSC bag with any detergent, using the gentle cycle of a washing machine.

    Many customers have had success washing their bags with dish detergent in powder/crystal form (as opposed to liquid or gel).

    Line dry. Do not put your EVSC bag in a dryer, as some materials could melt.

    Stain removal: Use bleach to spot clean white material only.

    Steps: Choose your personalization of either a letter/icons/number, color of personalization, and whether or not you would like it to be tilted 

    Price: $72.00
    In stock!Our products are custom made to your specifications. This product ships up to 3 weeks after your order is placed.

    1) Please select either an Icon,  Block Letters,  Specific Number from list below

    2) Please be sure to enter your Block Letters ( in the order that it should appear) in our Text Section or Specific Number (0-99) in the Comment section. 

    Note: size of personalization will be the same as seen in main picture ( if you want it smaller please indicate this in the comment section. We can do 3/6/9/12 inch ( letters only ) and it's location. 

    Note: Double Digits can not go on small or medium sized items Only large totes/luggage/pet bed/chairs




    Three Letters
    add $30

    Two Letters
    add $20

    One Letter
    add $10


    Specific Number Or Double Digits
    add $10

    Choose the Color of your Letter,  Number, Star or other icon






    Royal Blue

    You can have your personalization ( letter/icon/number) tilted for a whimical look and is most popular 


    Otherwise it wll be straight across 

    Enter Your Monogram
    Click here to view a popup window of monogramming fonts
    TEXT and WORDS If you wish to use text such as a name, phrase and or initials please add it in the text box below. We will use the text as written so include your choice of capital letters, lowercase letters and symbols.
    TEXT and WORDS
    (IBM, CNN, Tom, Bride, Nana, Cook)
    Add notes & Instructions

    Enter any notes or instructions for this order:

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