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Monogrammed Duvet Cover

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Jane Wilner Monogrammed Bedding

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Monogrammed Duvet Cover  Home & Garden > Linens & Bedding > Bedding

This order is for a Monogrammed Duvet Cover. This is not a coverlet but a duvet cover( you to add a comforter inside the duvet). Most of the time they are then folded up at the end of the bed. Note if you choose the Matlassa it is very heavy  The pique fabric will make a lighter duvet. Choose your fabric and your trim choice. Note, that the tape choices allows you to  match thread to tape. If you choose an embroidery scalloped edging you must choose an embroidery thread. If you want us to match a swatch please mail it to us after you place your order and we will match to almost any choices. Please see all of our other items to go with your Monogrammed Duvet cover.You can add Euros,  shams, neck rolls, and many other choices in fun fabrics for you bedding. Stay in the Jane Wilner Gallery areas for a matching bed skirt in a fun pattern. Please allow about 6-8 weeks for your custom Monogrammed Duvet Cover.

Price: $478.00

In stock!Our products are custom made to your specifications. This product ships up to 7 weeks after your order is placed.

Start building your order by selecting your options below:

Choose from our 4 choices of fabrics for you item. The Coco Matelasse is 80% cotton and 20% polyester in a diamond matelasse. The Pique is 50% cotton and 50% polyester.  Our sheeting materials are from luxury 400 thread count Sateen Cotton.If you are building an entire bedding it looks best to keep the same fabric choice for all your pieces.

Sheeting Ivory 400tc Sateen

Sheeting White 400tc Sateen

Coco Matelasse Ivory

Coco Matelasse White

Pique Ivory

Pique White

Choose your size for your Monogrammed Duvet Cover. Pricing is relfected in the size of your duvet cover. Your duvet will include a 12" Monogram in the price.

Twin 68"W by 86"L

Full 86"W by 86"L

Queen 86"W by 86"L

King 102"w by 86"L

add $80

add $100

add $80

This is your tape or emboirdery trim choices for the Duvet Covers. If you are choosing a tape trim then you must choose a tape color.  If you choose a trim with embroidery trimj then choose a thread choice. This is for our Duvet cover trim.

3 Line Tape - Please Choose A Tape Color

3-line Embroidery- Choose A Thread Color For Trim

Embroidered Scallops- Please Choose A Thread Color

Fret Work -please Choose A Tape Color For The Trim

add $65

Tape Scallop- Please Choose A Tape Color

Choose your tape color trim.   Tape trim is used in the welting options and the scalloped otpions only. We can match the thread to your tape. If you would like the embroirdery trim options then just skip this step and use the thread section.  If you do not see a tape color you may send us a swatch to match a color choice. Since we always try and match the embroidery monograms to the tape you have the option next of selecting match thread to trim tape.

Orange Harvest

Orange Peachtone

Azure Blue 2384

Baby Pink 5092

Bel Blue 7198

Black 9999

Blue Cornflower 1212

Blue Crest 2204

Blue Deep Royal 2230

Blue Gingham

Bright Aqua 5008

Cranberry 7055

Fuchsia 5599

Green Aqua 3313

Heaven Blue 5005

Kilarney Green 3708

Light Grey 90960

Lime 8133

Miami 3006

Navy 9020


Orange Apricot

Orange Coral

Orange Hot

Plum 2425

Purple 6830

Red 9703

Seafoam 1214

Smoke Grey 6314

Tan Bamboo

Tan Bark

Tan Beige

Tan British Tan 6575

Tan Camel

Tan Champange

Tan Chocolate

Tan Dark Brown

Tan Khaki

Tan Mahongany

Tan Marble

Tan Red Rust

Tan Sand

Tan Tarnish Gold

Tan Wheat

Teal 8156

Tealeaf 3130

Violet 6600

Wedgewood 12193

White 0000

Willow 3074

Yellow Cornsilk

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold Charm

Yellow Goldenrod

Yellow Lemon Drop

Yellow Light Maize

Yellow Tiger Brite

Yellow Vintage Gold

Please use this chart to choose your color embroidery monogram.  If we are choosing a tape trim on your bedding and wish to have us match the trim and yoru embroidery monogram thread just choose match trim as a color option. If you would like us to match a swatch you have please mail us a swatch,  See contact information on where to mail your swatch.

01 Match To Tape Trim

100 Snow White

106 Hot Pink

107 Red

114 Erin Green

115 Emerald Green

120 Bright Jade

128 Jamie Blue

130 Light Blue

135 Sunflower Yellow

137 Lemon Yellow

148 Teal Blue

149 Seafrost

151 Evergreen

154 Pumpkin

157 Night Sky Grey

161 Wicker

162 Pistachio

199 Purple

200 Rose

209 Light Pink

214 Coral

280 Lilac

292 Burgandy

292 Carolina Red

293 Dark Brown

300 Black

301 Pollen Gold

304 Ivory

309 Moss

310 Winsor

322 Hot Peoney

324 Rust

330 Navy

335 Chocolate

354 Black Chrome

Choose from one of these elegant fonts for you bedding.  If you are adding other pieces and want the same font remember the number under your font to make sure you entire bedding will match. We will double check your order to ensure that you have been consistent with your font choice.










Enter Your Monogram


Custom monograms run the gamut of styles and custom images. On the web we provide a collection of basic styles. We can however add other fonts and even custom shapes and logos to suit your needs.

1 Letter Monogram (M)

Select a font:

  • Vine MonogramVine Monogram
  • Diamond MonogramDiamond Monogram
  • Curls EngraveCurls Engrave
3 Letter Monogram Examples
{note: for company initials, words or short names, Use "Text and Words" section down below}

Select a font:

  • Vine MonogramVine Monogram
  • Diamond MonogramDiamond Monogram
  • Curls EngraveCurls Engrave

Enter your 3 letter monogram below


(Last name larger)

First name

Last name

Middle name


(Last name larger)

Man's first name

Last name

Woman's first name

Man or masculine style

(All letters same size)

First name

Middle name

Last name

  • In a traditional woman's three letter monogram the first letter of the last name will be in the center of the monogram and will be larger than the other two letters. The first initial will be on the left and the middle initial will be on the right.
  • In a couple's monogram the the first letter of the shared last name will be in the center of the monogram and will be larger than the other two letters. Traditionally the man's first initial will be on the left and the woman's first initial will be on the right.
  • In men's monograms each letter appears the same size & in the order first, middle, last.

3 letter Monograms follow this pattern:

Monica (First) Roberts (Middle) Smith (Family)


Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon and Monica Smith


If you wish to use text such as a name, phrase and or initials please add it in the text box below. We will embroider the text as written so include your choice of capital letters, lowercase letters and symbols.

(IBM, CNN, Tom, Bride, Nana, Cook)

Select a font:

  • Vine MonogramVine Monogram
  • Diamond MonogramDiamond Monogram
  • Curls EngraveCurls Engrave

Add notes and comments

Enter any notes or comments for this order:

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