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Clairebella Personalized Water Bottles Made For BPA-free Plastic

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Price: $27.00
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Clairebella Personalized Water Bottles made for BPA-free plastic  Home & Garden > Kitchen & Dining > Food & Beverage Carriers > Water Bottles

The perfect solution for on-the-go drinks, these personalized water bottles from Clairebella are just the right size. Customize with a playful pattern to coordinate with their lunch box. This versatile bottle comes with two different lids, standard and sports cap as well as a carabiner clip for easy attaching to a lunch box or backpack. Made from aluminum with BPA-free plastic caps. Holds 600 ml (approx 20 oz.). Measures 3"W x 8"H.

Price: $27.00In stock!Our products are custom made to your specifications. This product ships up to 3 weeks after your order is placed.

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Choose a pattern. The font and picture will be as shown. Then enter a name below. 14797 Clairebella water bottles


Alphabet Houndstooth Blue

Alphabet Houndstooth Pink

Alphabet Polka Dot Blue

Alphabet Polka Dot Pink



Birdies Lav And Blue

Birdies Pink And Green


Camo Blue

Camo Pink




Doodle Dots Black

Doodle Dots Brown





Monkey Boy

Monkey Girl


Princess Lavender

Princess Pink



Skater Denim

Skater Red

Soccer Blue

Soccer Lavender

Soccer Red

Soft Ball

Tennis Pink

Time To Eat

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Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon and Monica Smith J S M

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